Garage door repairs are undoubtedly important. The chances are that your garage either contains your car or a whole lot of other possessions, and you want to protect them from theft. Certain types of garage door repairs are especially common, and these include the following.

Fabric Repairs

Damage or weakening to the actual fabric of the door should be seen to as soon as possible, even if it means replacing the whole door. Otherwise, it is likely to only get worse. As well as inflating the final repair bill (unless a complete replacement is already necessary, of course) this will also provide a weak point that could be exploited by intruders in order to break in using force.

Lock, Handle and Catch Repairs

Repairs to the lock, the handle or the “catch” mechanism that keeps your door closed should also be seen to promptly. Otherwise, they tend to go one of two ways. Either the door will fail to lock or even close properly, giving any opportunistic thief easy access to the contents, or it will be stuck closed so that even you can’t get in and gain access to your own possessions when you want to.

Motor Repairs

If your garage door is motorised, this can be a good thing in many ways. It provides you with easier access, and if you keep your car in your garage, it prevents you having to keep getting in and out to open or close the door. However, on some occasions it can also turn out to be an extra thing that could eventually go wrong. Either the motor itself or the mechanism that converts this into the opening and closing action of the door could become faulty. It’s easy to think this will be an expensive and involved repair, but this isn’t always the case. It’s also important to get it seen to, because things could get worse, and as with problems with the handle, catch or lock, it could mean your garage is either stuck open or impossible to close in the end.

To find out more about the importance of garage door repairs and the different types of work that may be carried out, please have a look through the information you will find on other pages of this website. Alternatively, contact us directly for a no-obligation chat in which a member of our team will be more than happy to respond to any queries you might have.

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