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We do not believe in a hard sell just to get your business. With our FREE and NO OBLIGATION site survey we will tell you everything you need to know about your new door and make sure that you are happy with it. Our approach helps us to stick to our core business policy that the customer should always come first.

Our surveyor has over 15 years of experience of surveying for new garage doors.  Due to this he is able to provide expert guidance on what types of garage door would be available for your garage.   The survey focuses on more than just the door, for example the survey must take account of issues such as the size of brickwork openings, the depth of any reveals, the available height and depth of the garage.  The surveyor will also be able to advise on the benefits of one type of door over another.

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Our Process

Step 1: Book Date / Time

The first step is to book a time and date for our surveyor to visit your property. Normal working hours (08:00 – 5:00pm Monday – Friday).

Step 2: Survey

On the day of your survey we will measure your garage taking into account the type and mechanism that may be suitable for your opening, while pointing out the benefits of various garage doors available.

Step 3: Quotation / Order

You will then receive an extensive quotation from us via email and post. At this point you can choose any options or advise us if you would like to proceed with the quotation.

Step 4: Installation

Once your Garage Door has arrived with us, we will then contact you to book a convenient date to carry out the installation by one of our experienced installation engineers.

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