If you are thinking of having a new garage door fitted, you may just think that garage doors are metal and that’s it. You would be wrong! Garage doors are commonly built from steel, but are also available in Timber, GRP, UPVC, and foam filled slats.


Steel garage doors are the cheapest material to buy a garage door in. They are popular for their low maintenance, clean, and secure properties. Steel garage doors are massed produced by machine and powder coated for a long lasting finish. This is a good choice of door if you are on a budget or you need something quickly that’s ‘off the shelf’.

GRP (Glass reinforced plastic)FOAM_FILLED_DOORS (2)

GRP garage doors are also very popular, as these are also very low maintenance and very strong. The advantages with GRP garage doors are their long life, great looks, and variety of styles available. Each GRP door is hand made to order and can be finished in smooth or Woodgrain textured finishes that look very life-like. These are popular types of doors for those who live in coastal areas too as they do not react to the elements like a steel door might.


Timber garage doors are all about the looks. Typically a well kept wooden garage door is
TIMBER_DOORstunning and will complete that high quality look and feel or a house, a new build or to match windows. Timber doors do require maintenance every 1-2 years with re-staining or painting. The timber garage doors we supply are of extremely high quality and never fail to impress. They are strong, good looking, and all hand crafted to suit exactly what you are looking for. When buying timber garage doors, be prepared for a higher price compared to other materials.

Foam Filled

Some doors are filled with high density foam with a thin steel outer edge, often these doors are roller FOAM_FILLED_DOORS (1)
shutter doors or sectional doors. The foam filled slats or sectional panels are constructed in this way to help insulate a garage and are a good option if you have a bedroom above the garage and need that heat kept in. Roller doors and sectional doors are very popular all round doors, and provide excellent security to your property.


UPVC garage doors are excellent lightweight doors for a low maintenance finish. These doors are popular with people living in coastal areas as they hold up well to most weather conditions. These doors are often used to create the ‘fake garage door’ look. They can be fixed to a wall to make it look as though there is a garage but in actual fact it’s just a dummy door. The disadvantage to these doors is the low security properties. UPVC is not as strong as the GRP garage doors and is therefore venerable to vandalism.

With all this information on different types of garage door, you can pick the material and style that is right for your new door.

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