What are the benefits of Electric Garage Doors? The garage is often an important part of your household – whether it is storing your car(s), an additional room for the house or just an area to keep all those odds and ends, we often need regular access to this space.  There are lots of different styles of door available for garages, so you can easily choose one to suit the look you are after.  Another aspect to consider is the opening mechanism.  We are familiar with the mechanisms available – the ever popular up & over style, the sleek roller door or perhaps a sectional door.  One thing many families do not consider is the option of a remote controlled electronic garage door.

There are lots of benefits for choosing an electronic garage door:

  • Comfort – being able to open and close your garage door from the comfort of your car
  • Security – the door automatically locks in place, holding the door solidly shut to prevent forced entry by intruders
  • Safe – there are always safety systems in place to prevent the door from closing should there be any obstructions
  • Cost – the lifespan of the garage door is extended thanks to reducing strain on the door mechanism
  • Noise – Soft start and stop reduces strain on the door and ensures opening and closing is quiet (ideal if you need access to your garage at antisocial times!)

Here at NDC garage doors we like to recommend the electronic opening door systems to anyone who perhaps struggles with opening their garage door – it can be a strain to heave the door up, especially if height is an issue!  The remote control allows anyone to open their garage door with ease, allowing easy access to your garage space.  Another great benefit about the electronic garage door opening mechanism is that they can be added to existing doors – you do not necessarily need an entire new door to get the remote control features fitted.  This can be a good cost saver, especially if your current garage door is not particularly old or worn out.  Our team of garage door experts will be able to advise you on whether your door is suitable for the remote control opening to be added, and if not, they can help you in choosing the best options to suit your property and your needs. Take a look through our extensive range of garage door styles as well as the different brands we have available.  We offer a completely free site survey and don’t forget to get in touch if you have any questions!