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When people think of garage doors, they often think of steel as the material of choice.  There are now more reasons that ever to choose aluminium doors for your garage.  The most suited garage door type for Aluminium is the roller door. The lightweight properties of the material mean that the mechanisms are under less strain and can be manufactured  smaller sections like the laths in a roller door construction for instance. Our range of aluminium doors come in a range of makes and a wide range of colours which can suit different types of property.

Let’s take a look at why we think aluminium is a great choice for your garage door…


A Closer Look… Aluminium Garage Doors.

aluminium roller door

Design Ideas

Large range of colours available


Warm or Cool

Insulated as standard


Suits most house styles

The simplistic design means it suits most types and designs of house



Can be made for almost any width of door.

Why Choose Aluminium

There are lots of reasons why aluminium is a great choice for garage doors; firstly, it offers better insulation potential than other metals.  Aluminium slats are often double skinned and filled with insulating foam, which offers better heat retention and helps you cut back your utility bills.  When the doors are double skinned, it often makes them stronger and more reinforced, again offering further durability.

Aluminium is lighter than other metals, which allows the aluminium doors to have a smaller operating drum – this saves vaulable space in your garage, with less intrusion into the height and width of the garage.

Aluminium doors are available in a wide range of colours and also foil coatings, this means you can have all the looks of a timer or wooden colour garage door but as a light foil coating instead.

Just Some Of The Benefits

Save Space

Aluminium doors take up less space in the garage, with a smaller operating drum

Better insulation

Aluminium can be better insulated than other metal doors, helping you to retain heat and reduce your bills


Aluminium offers a wide range of colours and foil coloured finishes to get the desired look for your garage

Size Options

Aluminium doors are great for purpose made sizes, even in awkward spaces

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    NDC Garage Doors are your local garage door experts!  We supply, install and service a wide range of doors, including a great selection of aluminium doors.  We pride ourselves on our impeccable customer service and knowledge of our products.  We are always happy to offer assistance and advice to customers when they are thinking of updating their garage door.

    Our doors are supplied from a wide range of brands and can be fitted to almost any size required.  We can offer a huge range of designs, so there is certainly a garage door to suit your needs!

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