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These days, a garage door has many more roles than simply shutting up a garage.  Sectional doors, or up-and-over doors easily fit the existing architecture of the house and have become a defining functional deature of the home.  From personal taste to wanting to look different to the neighbours, your garage door is an important design element which can have a unique edge thanks to the wide range of colours, surfaces and glazing offered by CarTeck.  All CarTeck doors are known for their security, operating ease and great heat insulation.

There are several advantages to choosing a CarTeck sectional garage door – not only offering first class security, but space saving design.  The sections of the door allow the user to roll the door upwards vertically, thus not using up any additional space, making these doors ideal for those with limited driveway space.  You can park your car directly up against the garage and still open the door with ease!  There will be additional space within your garage too, as there is no need for a bulky levering mechanism.

CarTeck Garage Doors Mechanisms

Garage Door Mechanisms provided by Carteck…

Sectional Garage Doors


Providing maximum space saving and security options for your garage.

Side Hinged Garage Doors

Side Hinged

Built onto their own frames, these doors open outwards from the centre.

Why Choose CarTeck Garage Doors?

CarTeck are known for their high levels of security and safety.  Security is one of the top priorities when people are looking to change their garage door.  The range by CarTeck features extremely robust steel sectional and up-and-over doors which make it much harder for potential burglars to be able to gain access to your property.

In terms of safety, CarTeck garage doors have high standards.  Each sectional door features patented “anti pinch” design which prevents fingers from becoming stuck in the door.  This is particularly useful as they are made up of sections of steel which glide vertically into place.  Thankfully, CarTeck have designed their range to be much safer for their users!

All CarTeck doors are available in a wide range of surfaces and finishes, allowing you to create a unique style to suit your home and property.

Just Some Of The Benefits


Extremely robust and strong designs

Range of finishes

A wide range of surfaces and finishes to create your own look


Each door comes with a range of safety features to protect you


Are available in a range of materials to allow you to achieve the style you want

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