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Garage Doors can be a nuisance to open and close, especially as they get older and more difficult to open!  We think that electric automation is the best way to get around the difficulties of opening and closing your garage door.  Imagine simply pushing a button to open and close your door, saving you from having to get out of the car (in the wind and rain) to get your garage opened up so you can drive in!  We think the best bits about electric automation are:

  • Simple and easy to operate
  • Available for both new and existing doors
  • Smooth opening and closing
  • Safety precautions in place

The great thing about electric garage doors automation is that it makes opening and closing doors a breeze – even if the door is especially large.  Electric garage doors feature safety mechanisms which allow them to stop should an obstruction be in the way of the opening or closing procedure.  Let’s take a closer look at our electric automation services…


A Closer Look… Electric Garage Doors



Security and locking features built into the mechanisms



Convienience for large and heavy doors


Simple To Install

Can be fitted to existing doors


Safety as standard

Electric operators sense if there is an obstruction and stop the closing of the door if pressure is detected.

Why Choose Electric Garage Doors

Electric garage doors automation makes it easy to open and close any garage door, with a single push of a button.  Available for both new doors and existing doors, a great way to make your life easier.

With built in safety measures including the ability to sense for any obstructions, you can be sure that there will be no mishaps or dangerous situations!  Electric automation saves the effort of having to struggle to open a large or heavy garage door, which is particularly useful for older doors which may be stiffer to open.  There’s no chance that the door could swing back down and cause an accident either!

Our electric garage door controls come as remote controlled devices, meaning it is easy to open the garage door from your car as you drive home.  This allows you to avoid getting wet if it is raining as you arrive, as you can simply drive straight into the garage.

Just Some Of The Benefits

Remote control from your vehicle

No need to get out of your car in the rain to open the garage door – use a remote control instead!

Suits new and old doors

Electric automation is available for almost any type of door

Safety First

Secure and safe with built in safety features


Difficult to open without remote controls

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Here at NDC Garage Doors, we are renowned for offering our customers a fantastic range of garage doors, providing first class customer service and excellent knowledge of the industry to allow our team to offer the most up to date advice and support.  Our range of entrance doors are second to none, featuring a diverse range of brands and styles for our customers to choose from.

From up & over doors, to sectional doors and side hinged designs, we have something for every garage and property.  We are aware that our customers value security very highly, so our range features many doors of different widths and security mechanisms.

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