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SeceuroGlide are one of the the most popular manufacturers of roller garage doors in the UK. They have been a leading light in garage door manufacture for over three decades, offering some of the best roller doors on the market. From their base in Lancaster, UK, SeceuroGlide offer a great range of highly innovative doors which will look fantastic on your home!

There is a wide range of styles, designs, colours and finishes available which can suit different tastes and budgets. With SeceuroGlide doors only offering roller door mechanisms, we can certainly find the right door for you.

We know that SeceuroGlide doors are a brilliant choice, with all doors made in to European Safety Standards BS EN 13241 and they are testing to the extremely rigorous LPS 1175 burglary resistance standards too.  Every door made by SeceuroGlide is certified to resist against timed manual attacks which mimic common methods for burglary using commercially available tools like levers, knives and screwdrivers.

  • Made to Measure

    A perfect fit for your garage

  • CE Marked

    Fullt compliant with EU directives

  • Customise Your Door

    Add your own flair with remote control operation, colours and finishes

  • Peace of Mind

    Built to last using the best materials and parts


Unrivalled Security

A unique locking system means the door securely shuts every time and can resist even the most determined intruder!


Style Choices

The Classic style can be ordered with a full, half or no box.


Save Space

A tight, space saving coil leaves more space in your garage for your things and for you!


Motorised Mechanism

The powerful motor is supplied with a 7 year warranty.


Manual Override

You won’t get locked in! A simple manual override crank ensures you will never get stuck inside, even if there is a power cut.


Courtesy Light

Make it easier and safer to park at night with a combined courtesy light featuring both remote and push control functionality.


Peace of Mind

Setting vacation mode prevents any intruders from operating the door from the inside without a hand transmitter.


Remote Controls

Each Classic door is supplied with two remote control handsets which allow you to operate your door without leaving the car!


Complete Weather Protection

Engineered to block out cold draughts and keep the garage useable throughout the year.

Options & Accessories

Create Your Own Style


Vision slats are a way to allow natural light into your garage and add a stylish design touch.  Available either “inline” or as a brick-bond pattern, they are supplied complete with glazing.  On woodgrain doors, the vision slats are provided in a brown finish.


Vented slats are a way to increase air circulation in your garage, ideal for if you do your laundry here, or simply to keep the garage cool during the summer months. The vented slats are fitted to the very bottom of the garage door.


A remote control keypad is a secure alternative way to control your door, suitable for external installation. The wireless remote offers a convenient and secure way to operate your door.

Seceuroglide Classic

The SeceuroGlide Classic is the original insulated roller garage door, in continuous manufacture since 1997 right here in the UK! Since it first launched as the first roller garage door available for trade specialists, Seceuroglide has built its reputation as a market leader with constant innovation and product development.

The Classic style roller door is made with tough twin-walled aluminium slats with an insulating core. The roller curtain is held in place with special high performance webbing, allowing for an extremely quiet operation. This also is not affected by extremes of temperature. The design helps fend off any potential intruders with its extruded top slat and a unique locking mechanism.

The Classic is available in a choice of 18 paint or wood effect finishes, and over 40 different textured woodgrain finishes. This allows you to match your door to any existing paint colours or your double glazing for a co-ordinated look.

Each Classic door is supplied with a single channel SeceuroSense receiver, with a built in courtesy light, two key fob transmitters, a bottom slat safety ensor and an internal manual override. We can also supply an optional alarm if required.

Seceuroglide Excel

The first garage door tested and approved to police and insurance standards.

Security is a very serious consideration for all home owners. Not only is your garage often one of the easiest ways to break into your home, but it usually houses high value items that are easy for an intruder to steal and sell.

For security without compromise, look no further than the SeceuroGlide Excel insulated roller garage door. A product for the security conscious home-owner, SeceuroGlide Excel adds the highest available security specification to the benefits of the original SeceuroGlide to create the most advanced roller garage door on the market.

The unique reinforced design of SeceuroGlide Excel has enabled it to become the first garage door of any kind to successfully complete independent testing recognised on a national level. A typical garage contains many high value items, including tools that can be used to gain access to the remainder of your property. If proven protection for your car and home is a priority, there is no better choice.

Seceuroglide Compact

The SeceuroGlide Compact is the perfect pairing for a garage with limited headroom. Designed to cleverly save space and developed especially for garages which have limited headroom above the opening.

The Compact roller door features an insulated slat which is a great deal narrower than those on the standard SeceuroGlide roller doors. This allows for a tighter, smaller coil which needs only 8″ (205mm) of headroom. This means even the smallest garages can still enjoy a high quality, remote controlled door. An extremely versatile model, the Compact can be fitted in front or behind the garage opening, or even within the garage opening itself (depending on available height).

A wide range of sizes available means opening up to 2880mm wide can be accommodated, while a tidy 90 degree facia hides the coil back. There are ten paint finishes available and a choice of over forty woodgrain finishes which are completely low maintenance and durable. Every Compact door comes supplied with a SeceuroSense reciever and courtesy light, two key fobs and internal manual override.

Seceuroglide Manual

The SeceuroGlide Manual roller door is the ideal solution where a source of power is not available to your garage. Developed to the same exacting standards as the others within the SeceuroGlide roller door range, the Manual door shutter offers an easy to operate design which can be opened or closed from the inside or outside.

The vertical opening allows you to make full use of your drive and garage space, with the ability to park just inches from the door. A choice of fifteen low maintenance colours are available, allowing you to easily coordinate with your existing paintwork.

Seceuroglide LT

The SeceuroGlide LT is the ideal seceuroglide roller door for those who are looking for a more economically priced model. As an entry level SeceuroGlide door, it has the look and feel of the classic SeceuroGlide range, but without the need for built in noise reduction features and the high security benefits of the others within the range.

Combining a space saving vertical opening mechanism with the benefits of an insulated profile, along with the convenience of electronic operation, the LT is a made to measure solution to offer amazing value for your property.

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