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Our Side Hinged Garage Doors

If you are using your garage for things other than storing a vehicle, such as a gym or storage area, it may not always be practical to have a regular garage door like the up & over design.  That’s where our side hinged garage doors come in!

Side hinged garage doors, or ‘swing’ doors have been around for years, and offer great solutions for garages which are used mainly for storage, gym, playroom etc with a great deal more pedestrian traffic in and out than normal.  Being able to open just one side panel if needed makes these doors remarkably useful for those who need to get in and out of the garage area quickly and easily.

Available in a wide range of colours, finishes and materials, the side hinge door could be the perfect fit for your garage!


A Closer Look… Side Hinged Garage Doors.


Smaller Size

Ideal for garages with low headroom



Available with door stays to keep the door leaf open when in use



Multiple locking and handle options are available


Diverse Range

Available in a large range of styles, colours and finishes.



Top and bottom shoot bolts secure the inactive leaf.

Why Choose Side Hinged Garage Doors?

A highly practical design, our side hinged garage doors are perfect for homes where the garage is used for different activities, such as a home gym, a playroom or storage area.  If you require heavy pedestrian access, the side hinged door can be configured to a 50/50 split, or a 1/3  – 2/3 split, allowing for a smaller access door.

A great benefit of this design is that there is no need to worry about internal tracking or opening mechanisms, particularly useful if your garage is lacking in the headroom required for these fittings.  Opening  externally allows for the full use of the internal garage space.

Just Some Of The Benefits

Colours, Materials and Finishes

Not only available in wood!  These doors come in a diverse range of colours, materials and finishes to complete the look of your garage

Robust and Durable

The materials used are long lasting and durable to hold up against the weather and frequent use

Ideal for low garages

If your garage lacks the head room needed for other styles, the side hinged door could be just right

Practical Design Options

Can be configured to work for your needs.  50/50,  or 1/3 2/3 splits

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