Garage Doors by Type

Garage Doors by Type

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Wooden garage doors offer a sense of classic, elegant styling, and can look fantastic on homes with an exterior finish of natural materials like wood board siding, logs or stone. Our range of timber garage doors are a great choice for many home styles, from the classic and traditional to the sleek and modern, even period properties. One great aspect of wooden doors is that they can be painted to give them a whole new look!

As wood is a renewable resource, timber doors are a good choice for those who are looking for a more eco-friendly option. You can always prolong the life of your timber door by treating it to a natural wood treatment, preventing any bending, distoting and rotting.

Let’s take a closer look at why we love timber garage doors.







Why Choose

There are so many great reasons to choose a timber garage door! Firstly, we love the fact that our timber doors can be made to fit any size, any shape garage. This means you can have a totally unique, custom look to your garage. Not only are they versatile for sizing, you can use any opening mechanism with a wooden door, so whether you like the up & over style, or you fancy a side hinge, we can do it!

Wood is a fantastic material for garage doors, as it is highly effective at reducing noise pollution if you live near a busy road for example. It is also naturally insulating, able to withstand drastic changes in temperature.

If you aren’t sure about the colour of your timber door, there’s always the opportunity to paint it! This gives the door a whole new look, as well as helping to protect it against the elements.

Just Some Of The Benefits

Unique Styling

Can be custom made to fit any size, any shape, any opening mechanism

Easy to Maintain

Any damage to the door can be easily repaired without the need to replace the whole door


Timber doors can use any mechanism and can be automated for easy access

Eco Friendly Choice

Wood is a renewable resource

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    Our Styles

    Our Timber Garage Doors come in a wide variety of finishes and styles. Whatever the style of your home, modern, traditional or perhaps quirky, Hormann, Garadoor, Woodrite and Wessex provide a huge range of styles and varieties to ensure that there’s a door out there to fit your homes character. Cedarwood is predominantly used as the carefully selected material due to it’s high resistance to the varied UK climate.

    These styles and patterns offer both combined warmth and beauty of the real wood and our carefully selected and engineered doors last for years to come, whether you choose from the Solid Cedar or Elizabethan range, peace of mind is guaranteed with us as your Garage Door supplier, installer and consultant.

    Our Colours

    You’ve now made the perfect choice with the style of door, but how about the colour? All of our Timber Garage Doors can be customised greatly with the below available factory finished coatings. Whether you’re looking for something more modern, such as the Ebony finish, or perhaps looking towards a traditional and Elizabethan warmth to your home with the Teak, our surveyor can provide you with a broad array of colours to chose from along with friendly and helpful advice on what would fit best on your property.

    If you’re stuck for choice or need an extra hand in choosing the right colour to match your property, then give us a call today on 01276 451 555 in which our installation team can help you make the right decision.

    Our Accessories

    Our Timber Garage Doors not only look great but can really impress when it comes to how they operate. Ever wanted to drive up to your driveway press a button and to see your garage door rise up to welcome you in automatically? Well now you can with our electric operators and motorised controlled units that can be bolted onto our Timber Garage Door range.

    Furthermore don’t expect to be paying thousands to have this additional functionality added to your door – by working closely with our manufacturers we have been providing cost effective motorised controlled garage door systems for over a decade and these technologies are now more affordable than ever before.

    Our Services.

    Garage Door Installation

    Our professional and friendly installation team can install your new garage door quickly and efficiently

    Service & Repair

    NDC Garage Doors specialist repair team can service and repair your doors, no matter what the model or design is.

    Free Site Survey

    Allow our team to come and inspect your garage door to give their recommendations for installation or repair

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