Garage doors are very easy to maintain and keep in a good working order, and below we have put together a few check points that you can do yourself to keep on top of maintaining your door.

There are lots of different types of garage doors but you can pick from the list those features that apply to your door.


Is the door kept clean? Wiping it down with a damp cloth can make a world of difference and stop build up of any dirt and grime that will eventually start eating away at paintwork of your door.


There is no easy way to tell if a spring is nearing the end of its life until it snaps! Giving the springs a wipe or a oil with a clean rag can help (WD40 is good to use) Spray a bit onto a cotton cloth or old towel and wipe of dirt. If you have a broken spring, they can be replaced more often than not. Give us a call for any help!


Some garage doors have cables. On much older doors these have a tendency to rust through or even snap, causing your door to look lob-sided or to come out of its tracks/runners. You cannot maintain cables, but it’s always good to check them and maybe wipe with a rag to keep free from dirt. These too can be replaced. Call us if you need help.


Garage doors normally run up and down in some sort of track or roller mechanism. The best way to maintain these is to make sure that the rollers and roller heads (normally a nylon plastic roller) are tightly done up and that the plastic rollers are not wearing away. If these wear away they may become too small for the track they are running up and down in and can affect the way your door works. To stop these from wearing so fast, keep your tracks clean of dirt and dust, AVOID using grease, but instead use a spray of WD40 or a silicone based lubricant to keep things rolling freely.

Locks and Keys

Some locks are within the handle of the garage door itself and become stiff due to bad weather over time. A spray of WD40 or silicone based lubricant onto the key and into the lock with gentle exercise will make a big difference. If this doesn’t work a new lock barrel or complete handle and keys can be purchased. They are easy to fit (normally a few screws) or we will be happy to install a new lock or handle for you… Just ask!

Electric Motors Operator

If you have an automatic electric door, you will have some sort of motor, weather it be a suspended box from your ceiling or roof joists or a internal motor for doors such as roller shutters. Ensure the door is always in good working order and you shouldn’t have too much trouble with your motor. These can be tricky things to re-set if they go wrong, so give us a call and we will see what we can do to help fix the issue! Remember to make a note of the make and model of your motor when calling!

Remote Control Handsets

NDC Red Van

These little devils have a wicked way of eciding to not work when you need them most. Ensure the battery always has some life left in it by replacing maybe once a year, or if the LED light on the handset flashes or doesn’t come on so brightly when you press the button to operate the door.

If you follow these simple instructions you have a guideline on how to keep your door better for longer. If you have any bigger issues call us for a repair on 0800 526726.

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